Expi Feliton

She/her, trans

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Discord: Expi#5109

About Me

I am Expi Feliton, or ExpitheCat. I am a 20 year old (4/24/2001) transgender (MTF) Libertarian Socialist furry who enjoys gaming, writing, drawing, and politics (...sort of).

I’m currently working towards an Associate’s Degree in Animation, and in general take interest in said subject. I enjoy a lot of animated shows and movies in general. My favorite TV series is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - a series that in general had a major influence on me and my life. Other shows I would consider among my favorites include The Simpsons (S1-10), Steven Universe, Aggretsuko and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (S1-5).

I’m also a collector of video games and Thomas Wooden Railway and a fan of Undertale and the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

This page more or less serves as a general profile/portfolio for my work and online appearance. Here, you’ll find drawings, comics, animations and general projects that I have created or am working on.


These are some of my drawings. As you might have read in the About Me section, I enjoy creating my own characters, although I also do some fanart sketches and drawings form time to time. If you want to see more, I'd suggest checking out my DeviantART, FurAffinity and/or Furry Life Online. I have also included links to these original drawings.


I am currently attending community college in pursuit of an Associate’s Degree in Animation, and am currently practicing and working hard to improve my animation skills in addition to my drawing work. Below I have included some of my animation work, and you can find more on my YouTube and DeviantART pages.


I have currently started work on some comics to also try and develop my drawing and animating ability - where I try to draw different positions with characters. I only have a couple comics at the moment, but I plan to have more - potentially creating my own “webcomic” series at some point.

“The Two Cats” is an ongoing web series of short stories that I am currently working on. As the title may suggest, it focuses on two cat characters named Expi and Mariko, their relationship, and their general lives as young adults in the city of Anibi. The series involves themes relating to LGBTQ+ issues, mental health, and discrimination.

If you would like to read, the series is available here.